2014      Warp & Woof, The Hole, New York, NY
2014      Assembled{ TEMP }, New York, NY 
2014      Pressure, Curated by Ballast Projects, New York, Ny
2013      Violets Cafe, Organized by Violet Dennison, Brooklyn, NY
2013      Preservation, Ed. Varie, Miami Beach, FL
2013      Come Together Sandy, Curated by Phong Bui, Brooklyn, NY
2013      Mondofornia, Organized by David Quadrini, Venice, CA
2013      Healy, Levin, Robarts, Ed. Varie, New York, NY
2013      Bite of time, fading memory, LVL3, Chicago, IL
2013      Berlese Funnel, White Box Manhattan, New York, NY
2012      Transhuman, Curated by Cecilia Stucker, New York, NY
2012      Fun In The Sun, Curated by Grear Patterson, New York, NY
2011      Martin Margulies Collection 2011-12, Margulies Warehouse, Miami, FL 
2011      Home Body, The Still House Group Studio, Brooklyn, NY    
2010      Désirs Archaiques, Galerie Olivier Robert, Paris, France
2010      Worth, Curated by Alex Perweiler and Isaac Brest, New York, NY